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"I love working with Andrew as a DP because of his professionalism, his ability to quickly understand my vision and bring it to life. He is always on time and never leaves until the work is done. Andrew is one of my favorite DPs to work with."

-Smitty iProduce

Director | DP | Editor

"Andrew Colton is a true artist with a unique and phenomenal vision for greatness on-screen. He goes above and beyond to make sure that every project, no matter how small, comes out as a signature masterpiece. Reasonable prices and amazing energy are only some of the few reasons why Colton is the man for the job"

-Jarrod A Knowles

Founder & President

WideScreen Festival and IndieWise

"Been doing business with Andrew Colton since 2008 and going from music videos to interviews & vlogs. All around good guy, amazing director, great quality, crystal clear videos & awsome work ethic paint the city gold my ninja."

-Gold Ru$h

Artist | Producer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew and Colton Visuals on numerous projects over the past decade. To witness his growth over the years has been really cool. His creativity shines through in everything he touches. Very professional and always a lightning fast turnaround time, I look forward to our next project."

-Web Three

Recording Artist

" Working with Andrew Colton is nothing short of a positive experience in all aspects of the creative arts, a true professional who takes great pride in his work,  I truly enjoy every moment spent with this great artist on and off of the set. You can see a well balanced blend of knowledge and experience with an unmistakable drive for excellence in all his work."

-Mako Ferro

Award Winning Cinematographer | Director

Working with Andrew Colton is like having 3 crew members at once. This guy is the true one man show. From his creative ideas to his music selection for the videos he's done for us, everything is always just right. I have been working side by side with him over the last 4 years and there is a reason I hire him year after year. Keep up the good work Mr. Colton"

-John Paul

Media Consultant| Producer

From a very young age, Andrew Colton knew his passion was rooted in

making videos. After getting very serious about honing his craft at

the age of 17, he decided to make cinematography a full time career at

the age of 24.


He began directing for local South Florida artists as well as competing in several 48 hour film festivals

where he has won many awards.


In 2010 he started freelance work for MTV, Billboard, BET, ESPN & in more recent years and has also completed work on

feature film: "The Devil's Tree: Rooted Evil".

Bolstered by his strong work ethic, dedication and drive, Andrew

prides himself on his ability to see an artist's vision and sculpt it into

a collaboration without losing it's original integrity.


He looks forward to expanding his horizons in 2018 in both directing

music videos as well as feature films while staying true to his

extraordinary talent and vision.


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